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The investment in investment funds bears the risk, as every investment in stocks and comparable assets, of stock market loss and exchange loss. As a result, fund share prices and returns fluctuate and cannot be guaranteed. The costs of the fund investment impact the actual result of the investment.

Crucial for the acquisition of shares are the legal sales documents (sales brochures, reports, basic investment information) which are available in German Language at the management company IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A. and the custodian bank DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. at no cost.

All information published in this presentation serves as product description exclusively and does not contain an offer for a consulting contract, information contract or the acquisition/sale of stocks. The contents have been researched and compiled with diligence. We do not guarantee the correctness, completeness or accuracy. The information represents past data. The specified performance data is not a guarantee for future development. The value of amounts may fluctuate.

The compensation for management and for the custodian bank as well as all other expenses that the fund has been charged with according to the terms of the contract are included in the calculation. Please see detailed information about opportunities and risks in the current sales prospectus.

In addition, the sales documents are available at the paying and information office as well as at the investment company.

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