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I. What is important for fund investors  The net stock ratio is at around 80%. The investment target of a performance on or above the level of the indexes Stoxx Europe 600 and DAX with a much lower volatility has been fully achieved last month. The focuses of the investment topics have not been changed significantly in May compared to April. The existing selection proved very positive for the price...

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I. What is important for fund investors • In late April, the net stock ratio was at 71%. At the end of March, it had still been at 0 %. • As of today (May 9, 2018), the stock ratio is at around 95 %, with no relevant hedging. • The weighting of the investment topics was shifted significantly toward late-cycle areas. • The risk management system is currently no longer YELLOW as it still was in late...

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In March, the correction at the stock markets, which had started in February, continued. In contrast to the previous months, Mellinckrodt’s performance was not stellar, with the biggest decline of the fund price to date since the fund was launched. The extent of the decline is comparable with the cumulative decline in the crisis months January and February 2016. This was caused by various aspects....

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The correction at the stock markets in February 2018 clearly left its mark. In the universe of European stock funds, an outperformance of the actively managed products compared to the passive products is very noticeable. Mellinckrodt, Mainfirst Top European Ideas, and the Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen have all done significantly better in this first correction after almost two years than...

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From early December 2017 to late January 2018 the global stock markets experienced an intense price increase, in which Mellinckrodt was able to partake, not least because the fund was fully invested until late January. Please note that on the day this report is published the portfolio structure is completely different. We started to starkly reduce the stock quota on February 1. We are currently...

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The year 2017 took a very positive course for stocks, and the Mellinckrodt fund, too, showed a very encouraging development with a price increase of +18.32%. Since the fund launched in late 2013, the capital gain has totaled +47.79%. Mellinckrodt as European all-cap fund with focus on Switzerland and Germany was able to further increase its lead over the ETFs at the DAX and the Stoxx 600 in 2017....

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In November 2017, stock markets developed differently. While the S&P 500 in the U.S. and the SMI in Switzerland were up slightly, DAX and Stoxx Euro 600 lost a little. The Mellinckrodt fund, too, showed a slight decline in prices of 2.5%. Mellinckrodt’s performance of approximately 15% in the year 2017 is still significantly above that of the DAX and Stoxx Europe 600. In the top 10 positions,...

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