Full index performance. Low volatility.

Mellinckrodt is an equity fund that invests in exchange-traded stocks using private equity criteria.

Competitive stock selection

The fund benefits from opportunity-optimized stock picking with a private equity approach.

Stable performance

Since its inception, Mellinckrodt has been on par with established index funds (ETFs).

Active risk management

Through active risk management, the fund achieves a significantly reduced volatility.

Recent Updates

Fund information | May 13, 2019

Stock picking market

Bear Market Ahead
On Stocks | January 29, 2019

Capital preservation is more important than participation in bear market rallies

Mellinckrodt Performance 1 month in comparison
Fund Information | January 29, 2019

Positive performance/ outperformance through long-short strategy

Mellinckrodt Performance 6-week comparison
Fund Information | December 17, 2018

Short positions built in November come to fruition in December

Central Bank bouncy house
On Stocks | December 10, 2018

Collapsing Central Bank bouncy house—risks 2019—end of the political going concern—chronic unease part 3

Mellinckrodt Performance
Fund Information | November 19, 2018

Due to possible turbulences keep your seat belt fastened!

Mellinckrodt Performance
On Stocks | November 1, 2018

Chronic unease: Crash 1987 and today—are there really parallels?

Mellinckrodt Performance
Fund information | October 24, 2018

All is secured

Mellinckrodt Performance
On Stocks | October 24, 2018

"Mind the Gap"

Mellinckrodt Performance
Fund information | September 13, 2018

Direction still not determined in August

David Tepper
On Stocks | September 13, 2018

Shaky September

Green light
On Stocks | August 17, 2018

Yes, even if you don‘t believe it—our risk indicator is showing a GREEN light

Back to Reality
Fund information | August 15, 2018

BACK TO REALITY—stock prices can rise

Vampire FANG
On Stocks | July 29, 2018

Vampire and greed—stock market in the clutches of the FANG stocks—but now it is the fundamentals that count!

On Stocks | July 25, 2018

Stock markets in the decision-making phase

On Stocks | June 14, 2018

Chronic MACRO unease—and its benefits for risk management

Force Majeure
On Stocks | 10 May 2018

Have you thought about what a “force majeure” could mean for a corporation like Siemens in light of the imminent U.S. sanctions against Iran?

Mellinckrodt Fund Performance
Fund Information | 9 May 2018

Looking for the winners in the ongoing economic cycle

Regulate Facebook like Rockefeller?
On Stocks | 8 May 2018

Regulating Zuckerberg and friends like Rockefeller—is that even possible—and will the stock markets then fall?

It is not looking like all green lights at the stock exchange.
On Stocks | 28 March 2018

Is Trump switching the stock exchange light to red or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

The stock exchange light is yellow
On Stocks | 28 February 2018

What do you do when the stock exchange light turns yellow?

Flash Sale
On Stocks | 8 February 2018

Dear Robert Halver, we don‘t believe in the almightiness of the central banks. Therefore, smart preparation is in order for boom, bang, pow.

A look into the engine room of the Mellinckrodt fund
On Stocks | 23 January 2018

A look into the engine room of the Mellinckrodt fund shows the systematics of its success

Grab the Chinese dragon by its horns!
On Stocks | 13 December 2017

Grab the Chinese dragon by its horns!

Are all diesel vehicles on their way to the museum?
On Stocks | 6 November 2017

Gasoline in the blood or vibrato at the power outlet: Daimler versus Tesla

Bahnhofstraße in Zurich at Paradeplatz
On Stocks | 17 October 2017

What does Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse have to do with your liquidity?

There’s good seats even next to the emergency exit
On Stocks | 7 September 2017

Korea, China, Interest, Exit

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